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​Storytellers. Film Makers. oh yeah...and husband and wife as well!


Luminance Wedding Films began in 2006. Our creative cinematic approach and artistic storytelling has made Luminance one of the top rated wedding cinematography companies around. 


Beginnings: We began our filmmaking careers upon graduation from college. My first "real job" experience was working with National Geographic as a video editor. I then went on to produce, direct, film and edit various projects for companies and organizations worldwide. Scott's journey began as a director/cinematographer. He held the camera, she edited the footage. It was a match made in heaven...aah! Today, our love for the art of filmmaking, our unique style of documentary shooting, our desire to capture the small but big details and our ability to retell the magical moments of your wedding day makes us a wise investment for any couple.


Location: Eventhough we are based in New Mexico, we have had the privilege of filming internationally and all over the United States.  There is no place that we will not travel to. Our desire is to capture your wedding day in the most moving way and to present you with a special moment that you will be able to relive for a lifetime.


Credentials: Other projects include creating stellar EPK's for various recognized musicians, music videos, commercials, documentaries and short films for nonprofit organizations. Credits include Jet Blue, Toyota, Verizon, Heritage Hotels, Mack Avenue Records, Artistry Music, HGTV and National Geographic to name a few.  


Charity: We both believe in giving back and so we contribute a portion of all Luminance earnings to various charities, such as Underground Railroad, a non-profit organization who rescues women and children enslaved in sex trafficking.  Go To Nations is another organization we support. This organization is committed to rescuing children in Thailand from human trafficking. We recognize the immense blessings that we have been given and take advantage of the opportunities to give back and bless those in dire need.

Want a Deeper Look into Our Souls?  Here are a Few Tidbits

He is the quiet one and I am pretty loud.

He likes the back row and I like the front.

He likes good ol' American cuisine and I like a more exotic flavor.

He is a simple, relaxed guy and well, I'm a lot to handle.

He does not like to try new things..good thing he has me to get him out of his 

comfort zone.

He did not want to wear the blazer, button up shirt or suspenders in the photos

on this page. Ahh too bad, I won!  The things he does for love to keep the little 

mrs. happy.

I won his heart when he found the soundtrack, "So I Married An Ax Murderer"

in my car in college.  He knew I was the one for him. 

He wanted 1 kid, we had 4.  Someday these kids will admit just how cool

mom and dad are.

He is my best friend and I am his!

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