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Sweet Praises

We absolutely LOVE what we do...but we don't want you to just hear it from us.  We are proud to share with you experiences from our lovely couples and what they had to say about their experience with us.

~Nirali {+} Robert

First and foremost, I must say, WOW! Luminance Wedding Films by far exceeded our expectations. I mean, we knew they were very talented, but after seeing our wedding film, talented doesn't even begin to describe their skills. I am also proud to say that I can call Sarah and Scott our friends after working with them. From the first minute we met them, we knew we had made the right choice. They were as friendly as friendly can be and listened to us, and made us feel so comfortable with what we wanted to see in our film. They answered all of our questions in detail and also did a lot of research when it came to the Hindu rituals that were to be performed during our ceremony and the days leading up to the event. At anytime if we emailed them, they would respond promptly and again, answer every question thoroughly. 
Our film, what can I say about our film? It is the most amazing thing I have ever had the pleasure of viewing and I will cherish it for a lifetime. The ability to go back and relive our special day in such a captivating way will always be priceless to me and my Husband. Luminance Wedding Films is by far the best videographer team out there. Worth every penny! They are truly the BEST!!!!


~Kristin {+} Ramon

Wedding Planning is SO Stressful! Especially when figuring out what you must have and what you can do without on your special day. You can budget for so many things. You can do your own music, your own decorating, even do your own entertainment. One thing you can NOT DO WITHOUT on your Wedding Day is A Videographer. 
After deciding that a Videographer was an absolute must I began searching for the perfect Videographer. I must have read millions of reviews and watched a ton of Cinematography films. Not a single film came CLOSE to Sarah and Scott's Videos. There was no comparison at the amazing work they portrayed on their films. 
Sarah and Scott are highly professional! They go above and beyond to make their customers happy. When dealing with tons of vendors for your wedding, that is the one thing that you can find lacking with many vendors. They were constantly coming up with new ways and new ideas to make our film absolutely amazing!! On the day of our wedding they were so professional and caught ever single special moment, even more. 
My Cinematography Film has not only brought us and our family to tears, but also strangers. Being a Bride or Groom, your day goes by incredibly fast. With so many timelines, places to be, people to talk to, that you forget to enjoy the main reason you are there, LOVE. Sarah and Scott remind you in their films, exactly why you were standing in front of your spouse that day. They depict a romance on film between the Bride and Groom that is like a fairy-tale love, that can only be captured when the two are alone!
I highly recommend to anyone planning their wedding, that a Videographer is the number one most important thing you need on your Wedding Day, next to the Bride and Groom. Sarah and Scott are the absolute BEST out there! They have given us a beautiful film that we can cherish for many years to come, and be able to show our Grandkids what True Love Is. 

-Kristin Arenivar 

~Andrea {+} Peter

My husband Peter and I fell in love with Luminance Wedding Films and Sarah and Scott's incredible work and knew we had to have them for our wedding day. I had seen an early film of theirs and knew right away they were the only choice. Sarah and Scott, your one of a kind work showed us just as we are. As a couple in our early thirties we have lived through our twenties and came together at that point in our lives where we don’t have all the wisdom we will but are entering a more calm and mature stage. You captured that, our love for one another, devotion to family, spectacular friends, and of course the love and appreciation we have for our Greek heritage. You focused on so many special parts of our day and your extra attention to the love I hold for the St. George community is appreciated more than you know. The careful attention you paid to the details of our wedding day are remarkable. The video opening with the chanting of my Nouno (godfather), our Greek Key Stephana, the shoes Peter bought me months before our engagement, and the locations you filmed us in are just a few of those details you captured and are all very special to us. Your work continues to grow in excellence by taking into consideration the couples you work with, what they want conveyed in their video, and the special bond and stories they share. Our family has watched the video repeatedly and they cry each time and we will cherish it forever. You are very special people and we are beyond thankful for your time, effort and hard work! You are AMAZING!!!
Andrea and Peter Konidas

~Excerpt from a Los Angeles wedding blog, Woman Getting Married

"The team behind Luminance Films have an exceptional cinematic eye. Some of the clips from their videos appear to be straight from a romantic film one would see in the theater: dramatic, touching, yet not overly sentimental or forced. Featured on The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and Wedding Magazine, their films pretty much set the bar for the new age of wedding videos that may give your parents’ VHS a run for its money."

~Amber {+} Jeremy

My husband and I reviewed work by a number of videographers, but Luminance was in a completely different class. During the planning process, I went to their website more times than I would like to admit and watched all of their films...multiple times! I knew they were the perfect choice to document our day. Sarah and Scott have perfected their art into something truly magical. Their creativity and love for their work show in every film. Each film tells a beautiful story, while capturing the unique personality of each couple. Our film did not disappoint. It immediately transported us back to the joy and love we felt on our wedding day. It reminded us of special moments that had been forgotten. It brought on tears and laughter, and was just as amazing as I expected. Hiring Luminance was the best vendor decision we made, and I highly recommend them to anyone planning a wedding. The wedding day goes by in such a blur and so many moments are forgotten. With our film, we are able to relive every moment! Thank you, Sarah and Scott!

~Tara {+} Kevin

I began researching videographers for our big day about a year before we were even engaged…. Yes I was one of those brides. I happened upon Luminance Wedding Films and watched video after video absolutely in ahhhh on how magical their films were. All of the detail, the beauty, all of the special moments, touched my heart. I literally watched their wedding videos all weekend crying tears of joy for people I didn’t even know. From that moment, I knew that I had to contact Sarah. I should preface this by explaining that my Mr. Right was not on board with having a film made, neither were our families….. They just didn’t really understand the ‘necessity’ factor around it… but I was out to prove them wrong. 

During our first meeting with Sarah, she was so friendly, bubbly and really took the time to listen to the type of wedding we were trying to achieve… shabby chic, vintage glam.   I would definitely categorize myself as a very detail oriented person… somewhat of a ‘control freak’, but all in all very particular on ‘what I want’ type of gal. With working with Sarah and her team, I threw that out of the window and told her that we wanted our video to be sentimental, sacred and timeless. I didn’t want something scripted or artificial and with only those three words and little to no direction from my then fiancé and I; Sarah was hired.

Our day was magical! Everything and more that we could have imagined and knowing that Sarah and her team were there along the way, made it even more perfect. When we received our wedding film link we watched it with tears of joy, feelings of love and total excitement. After watching our video, I turned to my husband and asked him if he thought it was worth it because he was on the fence in the beginning and he said, “Absolutely, it is perfect; it was worth every last penny.” The next day, my parents were sent the link with instruction to call us once they watched it so we could get their reaction. My mom called literally sobbing and she couldn’t get her words out to express how much she loved it. Mr. Right and I received call after call from family and friends literally in tears saying how much they loved the film.

In my opinion, our video is a timeless masterpiece that we will enjoy FOREVER!

I am so happy that we decided to splurge and have a wedding short film created by Luminance Wedding Films. Our wedding day would have not been complete without it. To me, a picture is a thousand words, but a video, a video is something that you can watch over and over and OVER again to relive your wedding... from the breath you take when you say those magical words, “I Do” to that real-time first kiss as husband as wife… to me there is no limit on the amount of money to spend to have that. 

Sarah and her team have created memories for a lifetime for my husband, family and our friends. She has the ability and talent to capture moments that are priceless. If you are on the fence with deciding whether or not to hire Luminance Wedding Films… DO IT!!! You will not be disappointed! I would literally regret, for the rest of my life, with every ounce of my body, if we didn’t hire Sarah to have this amazing gift, this once in a lifetime special moment that we can cherish and pass down to our future children and beyond.

Thank you Luminance for making our day so special and giving us a treasure to last a lifetime! 

~Matlin {+} Jason

Words can't describe how wonderful and beautiful and beyond-my-wildest-imagination the wedding preview video and full film were. was. I am so looking forward to sitting down with my husband and watching them over and over. But, I expected that kind of quality from Luminance. I am one to do my research and knew without a shadow of a doubt that, after watching some of their videos, I wouldn't go with anyone else for our wedding. What was unexpected, however, was how warm and kind and professional Sarah and Scott are (and continue to be). I told Jason after our first meeting with Sarah, "Man, I really like her." And that's remained true. Thank you Luminance for not only capturing so many moments with a level of perfect-ness and talent only you could have, but for being so fun and wonderful amidst all of the wedding chaos. I don't know how you all did it, but you really captured the feel of the entire wedding and all of the most important things to me; the things that I really wanted captured. You didn't know us very well, but it didn't seem that way judging from how you shot the wedding and how perfectly in line it was with what we were looking for. Thank you will never, ever cover my gratitude. Thank you for giving us the gift that will keep giving to the end of our days and beyond for future generations. I wish you both the very best in the future, personally and professionally. It was an absolute pleasure working with you.


~Jessica {+} Bryan

Luminance Wedding Films are simply AMAZING. Truth be told, we weren't originally going to have a wedding video. While I fantasized about hiring a videographer, expenses for our destination wedding seemed to be increasing daily and my husband was skeptical of incurring the additional cost. Meeting with Sarah put us completely at ease and even my critical husband couldn’t be happier with our decision to bring her and Scott to Germany with us. 

Luminance Wedding Films did a spectacular job on our wedding video and we were blown away by both the quality and artistic vision film AND their ability to capture the happiest moments of our day. When planning our wedding, people constantly told me that the day flies by and that in the midst of the whirlwind you actually miss many of the details you spend months obsessing over. That was definitely the case for us and we are so relieved to be able to remember and relive all of these special moments through our video. THANK YOU SARAH, words are simply not enough to express my gratitude. You are truly talented and worth EVERY PENNY!

~Lexi {+} Max

In planning my wedding, I was not completely convinced I needed a cinematographer. Everything involved in planning a wedding is so expensive as it is and I thought a wedding video would be one added cost that wasn't necessary. I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG. When my husband and I discovered Luminance's webpage after our engagement, we were immediately sold. We watched film after film and just could not get enough! The short films are truly spectacular and magical. Sarah and Scott definitely did not disappoint when it came to our short-film. It was incredible to experience the laughter, tears, joy and magic of our day all over again. Sarah and Scott not only captured our fairy-tale day, but they turned it into a work of art. Thank you so much Sarah and Scott-- you are incredible artists and wonderful to work with! We are so grateful that we will have this film for the rest of our lives.

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