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“Home Was No Longer A Place, But A Person…It Was You” Lindsey {+} Andrew Bar Mansion-Austin Wedding

Rarely do any of my own wedding edits make me cry but this particular one had me in tears throughout most of it…and I mean big alligator tears. So many of my edit decisions lay in what story line the wedding film will focus on. There can be many different angles in every wedding day. I thought I knew exactly what type of film I would create after meeting this fun loving couple. How could I not?...after following beautiful Lindsey on Instagram and witnessing her fabulous taste for fashion and seeing the many fun photos of her and Andy out and about with their friends. In my mind, this edit was going to be full of fun and one big party. I mean the couple had a cigar rolling station and Lindsey surprised Andy with a full set gambling tables. How much more fun can it get? And then I began going through the sound bites of the toasts. After hearing Andy’s father’s toast and hearing the couple’s vows, there was no other choice but to steer this edit in the direction it was destined to go. The strength of this couple was monumental in the edit as Lindsey spoke about her tragic loss in her vows and acknowledged Andy remaining by her side through it all. The groom’s father eloquently spoke about what makes a lasting marriage. Most think it's found in the good times, but a strong and lasting marriage is found in the support of each other during the hard times. Being able to stand side by side and walk together through not only life triumphs but life’s tragedies is where a strong and lasting marriage is built. I must say, the words from this toast and the vows this couple shared had me reflecting on my own marriage and how precious love is and how short of time we have to show and experience it. Lindsey and Andrew…you are two of the most special people and I have adored getting to know you. Your wedding film will forever be a reminder to me and to so many other’s of what it means to truly love and to stand beside each other through the good and the bad, the laughter and the tears. I have no doubt that your strong foundation will continue to support your marriage you you build it each year and it will forever remain rock solid and everlasting. Congratulations to you both. XOXOXO

Cinematography: Luminance Wedding Films

Editing: Sarah Kanafani~Luminance Wedding Films

Venue: Barr Mansion, Austin

Photographer: Forever Photography Studio

Officiant: Ben Kalitch

Band: Match Maker Band

Bridal Consultant: Lily with Barr Mansion

Flowers: Posey Floral

Cake: Barr Mansion

Hair: Lorie Newman

Make up: Lauren Garcia

#video #LuminanceWeddingFilmsSanAntonioWeddingsSan

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