“Knock, Knock….Who’s There?” Michael {+} Mikaela ~Santuario de Guadalupe//La Fonda Hotel-Santa Fe We

I could go on forever about these two and after watching this film, you will see why! They are soooo stinkin’ cute! I mean Cute with a capital C! They are radiant, electrifying, silly and extraordinarily giddy. These are two people you could watch all day long and never get bored of. When we first received a call from this couple we knew right away that we wanted to be a part of their amazing day. Michael and Mikaela are both seasoned actors and Michael is a filmmaker as well with a several films under his belt. We love working with other creatives in this industry and knew this couple would be a blast to film. However, when I heard that Michael had been directed by Martin Scorsese, I was a bit nervous to try and attempt directing a few moments in front of our camera on their wedding day. Who can compete with Scorsese? The thing is though…Michael complimented my skills. In fact he is the most caring and nicest guy I think I’ve ever met…(except for you Scotty). But in all seriousness, I don’t think I’ve ever met two people (especially from New York) who were this kind to Scott and I. Both Michael and Mikaela treated us like good old friends and we felt at home with them right away. These are magical people and so of course, their wedding day was just as magical! They were married in the historic Santuario de Guadalupe church, the oldest shrine to Lady of Guadalupe in the US. This historic church is located near the beautiful Santa Fe Plaza. A light drizzle of rain fell after the couple made their exit by ringing bells and the couple walked the streets of Santa Fe making their way to The La Fonda Hotel for their reception. On their way to the hotel, they had a few photo ops with some of the colorful “locals” (hey Michael, did the man posing next to you ever make it onto your mantle?). The La Fonda greeted them with warm cider, tons of friends and their adorable families. And those toasts! I can’t get over the toasts! They were heartwarming and insanely funny. You have to watch the entire film to see what I’m talking about.

The day is one the couple and their family will never forget! For these two to have found their perfect soul mate in a city and profession brimming by the thousands, was a complete miracle. They are perfect for each other in so many ways! Congratulations Michael and Mikaela! You both inspire so many, including myself to love deeper and to be kinder! XOXOXO

Cinematography | Sarah and Scott Kanafani~Luminance Wedding Films

Editing | Sarah Kanafani

Wedding Venue | Santuario de Guadalupe Church & La Fonda Hotel

Photography | Doug & Jackie Treiber

DJ | Diamond Empire Band

Florist | Floriography

Cake | Chocolate Maven

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