“You Can’t See Him…Mostly” Jessica {+} Bryan’s Fairytale Wedding In Germany~ Abenberg Castle-German

Imagine, walking into your closet one morning and thinking to yourself, (if your a wedding cinematographer) “I’d love to film a wedding overseas someday” and lo and behold you check your email later that morning and there is an inquiry from a lovely bride asking for information on our services for her wedding which would take place in Schwabach, Germany. Ummm….yes please! I’d say it was fate for us to cross paths and have this awesome opportunity to film this amazing couple as they celebrated their love and marital commitment in the bride’s hometown of Schwabach, Germany. And let me just tell you we were as giddy as two kids in a candy shop from the moment we stepped onto the plane till the moment we left that beautiful country. The wedding ceremony took place at the Stadtkirche St. Johannes und St. Martin which is located in the heart of the charming Schwabach Plaza. This church was built in the 15th century in the gothic style. It had recently gone under a massive renovation, but the church kept a portion of the original flooring with bronze medallions that can be seen in the film. By the way, this was the same church the our bride’s mother and grandmother were married in. How magical! The reception took place at the gorgeous Burg Castle, located in Abenburg, a quaint little town minutes away from Schwabach. Not only has this castle been converted into a hotel (and I highly recommend staying there) but it’s placed right in the center of the other homes. Imagine a castle being one of your neighbors and the view from your backyard. From an enchanting Wishing Balloon Release to a mouth dropping, AMAZING Fire Dance show (I get lost in this footage every time, it was so incredible) this wedding was packed full of German traditions. Here are just a few that were highlighted in Jessica and Bryan’s film. Breaking plates you thought were just a Greek tradition…well, at least I thought…but no, this tradition is celebrated a few nights before the wedding at the Polterabend. This is an informal gathering between friends and family where dishes are smashed to bits. The breaking of China symbolizes that while some dishes may break, the marriage never will. Once the smashing is over, the couple work together to clear away the shards, which represents how well they will work together as a team during their marriage, Bryan…put down that beer and get back to work :). The next tradition was the release of the wishing balloons. Guests write a wedding wish on a pre-addressed and stamped postcard and tie it to the ends of helium balloons. All at once the balloons are released. The postcards have a note that says, “If found, please toss me in a mailbox”. The newlyweds will enjoy receiving lovely wishes in the mail from their guests over the next weeks. Another tradition, we showcased was the kidnapping of the bride. This was a blast as the bridesmaids kidnapped Jessica during the reception and brought her to a local pub. The groom then has to go and find his new wife and when he does, he has to pay the bar tab of the kidnappers to procure her freedom. The kidnapping of the bride symbolizes the separation of the young woman from her parents and the subsequent transition to a new community. So what does one bride do while she waits for her love to find her? She drinks and receives many kisses from the locals who have to pay for a kiss. So many more traditions ensued but these were a few highlighted in the film. This fairytale wedding was beyond magical. We not only adored Germany and all it’s beautiful sights, but we adored Jessica and Bryan too. Wow, these two were so much fun and the best people to share the experience with. Spending several days getting to know them gave me a good insight into their fun personalities and the type of film that would represent them well. They are playful to say the least and it was a joy to watch them interact together and witness their marriage amongst their closest friends and family. Jess was enchanting as she walked down the aisle in the delicately stitched, handmade dress. Overall the wedding, the reception, the trip overseas was something that the couple, their guests and the two of us will remember always. How do you thank a couple for this amazing experience? Words just don’t seem to be enough. Jess and Bryan, I hope you realize what the two of you mean to Scott and I! Thank you both again for the amazing adventure and for allowing us to capture this epic, fairytale day. I pray this film will remind you of this glorious day, year after year. It sure brought me back to it and now, I need another trip to Germany, I miss it so. Congratulations to you both! XOXOXO

Cinematography: Luminance Wedding Films

Editing: Sarah Kanafani~Luminance Wedding Films

Cathedral: Stadtkirche St. Johannes und St. Martin

Reception: Burg Abenberg Castle

Photographer: Katja Schünemann

Fire: Markus Just

Flowers: Blumen Dollinger

Cake: Cafe Herzog

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